TENA Lady with innovative InstaDry Zone

TENA Lady Extra Plus and TENA Lady Maxi pads give new possibilities for active female wearers and nursing homes. With the innovative InstaDRY™ zone providing our fastest absorbtion ever, you can now give these wearers the security they need but with the comfort and discretion of a pad.

New InstaDRY™ Zone

For more mobile female wearers with smaller or urge incontinence needs, it can be difficult to select the right level of protection. A larger product will certainly give the high absorbency and security they occasionally need, but that extra confidence is perhaps outweighed by the bulkiness and embarrassment they might feel going about their life. On the other hand more discreet and comfortable pads can’t cope with sudden heavy leaks…until now.

Quickly absobs even larger sudden leaks giving security and confidence. See it for yourself - go to tena.com/instadry for the quick lab demonstration.

  1. Unique inlet ensures fluids go straight into the product.

  2. Fluids are immediately absorbed thanks to the innovative material.

  3. Liquid is locked deep in the product, away from the wearer's skin.

TENA InstaDRY™ Zone